Art of Being Photographed

Easily avoid this common problem

The best way to avoid a double chin in photos is this simple trick used by influencers, celebrities and politicians every day.


When you are being photographed, and if you want to look great in your photos, don’t hold your chin in its everyday position. Draw your chin forward in a slight arc, as though you have a peach tucked under it.

It works if you actually have a double chin. It also works if you don’t have one-but seem to have a double chin in photos. It can feel unnatural at first, but the final result looks right.

Why do you need to do this?  When you are being photographed-and especially if you feel like the camera is getting uncomfortably close-you are likely to draw your head back, just a little. That squidges your chin against your neck, bunches up the lower part of your face, and thickens your neck.

A peach - imagine holding a peach just below your chin in photos to avoid a double chin - that's the peach technique

An extra-big smile makes it all bunch up even more. You will see your photo afterwards and go off thinking misguidedly about the size of your chin…

A before and after shot of a woman with a large smile and double chin and more reserved smile that doesn't seem as open

But if you draw your chin forward, and tuck that imaginary peach underneath it, you can change this significantly.

A before and after shot of a woman demonstrating the peach technique to stop a double chin in photos

Now you are physically separating your chin from your neck, and reducing the bunching-up effect. Since there is more distance between your face and your neck, the camera sees them as two distinct and different surfaces rather than letting them run together.

This makes your jaw looks more contoured. Your neck looks slimmer. You may find a bit of shadow is cast under your chin as a result, which is slimming too.

You can see, in these photos from the side, that Betty is doing the Peach Technique and bringing her whole face forward, not just her chin. Let your forehead come forward too. The Peach Technique isn’t about bringing the lower part of your face closer to the camera than the rest (which will distort your face shape in ways you may or may not want). Learn more here.


Cradling the peach under your chin works when you are at an angle to the camera too. Here you can see that the camera is slightly below Akina. (Have the camera above you, at eye level, or only slightly below you. A camera far below you, or a really short photographer, sometimes negates the peach effect. Learn More)

Model, Akina shows how to master the peach technique to look good in photos

It has to be a peach. No other fruit will do. Something about the softness/gentleness of the peach fuzz makes us hold our necks just right as we imagine it. Just try it and see.

Lots of peaches - the peach technique is a useful tool to help you look good in photos


Moving your face towards the camera is always flattering in a photo. It makes your head and shoulders look slightly larger in comparison to the rest of your body, which is helpful if you want to look slimmer. It focuses our attention on your face, and it adds something dynamic and engaging to the photo.

If you ever take a selfie with someone famous, you will notice that they always lean slightly towards the camera and bring their faces forward to cradle the peach. Here’s Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau leaning his face forward and working the crowds.

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